Steve Schmitt serves as the President of the Jet Container Company. Steve has been with Jet Container for over 30 years, starting in customer service after college in 1989.  Steve graduated from Ohio University with a BS in Meteorology.  He then attended flight school at the The Ohio State University with plans to be a pilot.  Growing up, Steve spent his summers working at Jet for his father and company founder, Joe.   When Joe asked him to join the company he did, and he was eventually promoted into a sales role which he did for many years.  Steve moved into the VP, Operations role in 2005 and in 2016, he assumed his new role as President. Steve’s favorite part about his job is the relationships he has built both internally as well as externally with Jet’s customers and vendors.  He likes working closely with the people on his team to solve problems and create value. Outside of work, Steve enjoys spending time with friends and family, boating, cooking and traveling. Steve resides with his wife, Grace, in Blacklick and they have two sons in college, Austin and Zach.  Zach will be graduating from University of Dubuque in April of 2022.  Although Steve is very happy being a “boxman” he is still passionate about aviation and keeps his pilot skills sharp through his flight simulator.

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