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We offer samples so that you can get a glimpse of Jet Container’s quality firsthand! With these physical samples, you are able to know exactly what you are getting. Contact us today to get more information.

Our Services

Check out each service we provide. Every one is handled with extreme care and concern, leading to a perfect job every time!

Rotary Die Cutting

We have the ability to die cut any design and stack it neatly.

Join and Glue

Worry no more about the integrity ever again! By using specialized glue, we make sure that nothing falls apart!


Our award-winning design team, with over 25 years of experience, will help find the best solution for your packaging needs. Saving the customer money by increasing efficiency and reducing waste.

Custom CAD designs

We are able to create whatever you might need with our customized CADs (Computer-Aided Designs). Using both 2D drawings, as well as 3D models, we visualize everything without having to build anything.

Customer Service

Customer service is always important. That's why our fast, friendly, and experienced customer service team is ready to help along every step of the way.


You can expect us to give you the highest quality in storage and packing solutions. From our hard working team to our grade-A products, expect the best.


When you ship with us you are getting high speed shipping. We offer fast turnaround times, leading to you getting what you need faster than ever.

Discover our products

(Regular Slotted Container)

A regular slotted container is your typical box. This style is designed with flaps to fold into the middle. We have the ability to design and manufacture plain and printed RSCs!

Die Cuts

Die-Cut boxes can be designed into any shape or size imaginable. Paired with our printing and interior packaging capabilities, our design team can help create the perfect design for your product!

Bulk boxes

Large bulk boxes are our specialty! We can design and manufacture the perfect box to suit your product!

POP display boxes

Our Point of Purchase Display Boxes are perfect for showing off your product! Our design team will create a design that shelves, displays, and sells your product in any setting!

Digital boxes

Make your box stand out with digital printing! Digital printing is a direct print process that transfers ink onto the corrugated board without a print plate. The result is higher quality print that is more vibrant and accurate. Perfect for adding an image of your product directly to the box!

Lithographic Printing

We are able to put any design onto your package with the use of our lithographic printing! Use state-of-the-art technology to bring a pop to your package!

Interior Packaging

Make sure your prodcuts don’t bounce around in the box! With Jet Container’s interior packaging, we can safely secure all the items you need to ship!

Pads, tubes, packaging materials

Pads are perfect for stacking and dividing your product inside any of our corrugated box styles. Pads are also perfect for protecting the product!

(Half-Slotted Container)

Half Slotted Containers. Very similar to an RSC, except it only has one set of flaps instead of two. This leaves the top of the box open. A tray can be used to seal the top. Perfect use for packaging paper and beverages!


Trays can be designed to showcase and store your product. They can also be designed as a cover to an HSC.

Product Design

Our award-winning design team can work with you to find the perfect style to suit your product!